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Rapid Low Volume Aluminum Prototypes

Project Overview:

Low Volume Prototyping Process: CNC Machining
Prototype Material: Aluminum 6061-T6
Surface Finishing: Sanding, Beadblasting, Anodizing, Silk-screening
Quantity: 50 Units
Lead Time: 20 Days

Customer was an industrial design company in Spain and specialized in developing products in telecommunication. These prototypes were also end products to test market and were updated timely according to market feedback, so it was low volume manufactured quickly & economically.
aluminum milled and anodized products 1CNC milled and sanded prototype prior to further surface finishing. Fitting test was done before anodizing in case of possible design modification.
aluminum milled and anodized products 9Anodized and silk-screened components for final assembly. Each step of surface finishing required high attention and good experience.
aluminum milled and anodized products 14.jpgFinished prototypes. Each product was quality checked in appearance and assembly, the substandard ones were repaired or replaced.
aluminum milled and anodized products 15The surface finishing capability and strong attention to details allowed us to have the prototypes performed and looked as intended as possible.