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Reaction Injection Molded Enclosure Parts

Project Overview:

Manufacturing Process: Reaction Injection Molding (RIM), M5 Insert
Molding Material: Polyurethane (PU Hei-Cast 8636-75)
Part Dimensions: 675.7 × 562.4 × 211.8 mm
Surface Finishing: Conductive Painting, Texture Painting
Quantity & Lead Time: 25 Units, 25 Days

The extremely competitive tooling cost by our RIM process brought great advantage to low volume manufacturing this big enclosures economically and quickly. The finished enclosures had to not only perform as intended, but also look as pretty as possible by conductive and texture painting.
RIM ToolingOur RIM tooling cost just a fraction of its relative steel mold used for mass production, making time usually 2 weeks instead of a couple of months.
Reaction injection molding by room temperature and fairly low pressure brought the fairly low mold locking pressure as well as packing pressure.
Cooling time of the reaction injection molded parts in the tooling usually took half to one hour, and the tooling's silicone rubber pieces as well.
The first Reaction Injection Molded part. The injection molding system would be adjusted when possible to get the best molded quality.
RIM PartsThe deburred, sandblasted and sanded parts. Smooth and clean surface, complete removal of demolding agent were indispensable for painting.
Each finished part was quality checked in fitting, tolerance and appearance before shipping, the substandard ones were repaired or remade.