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Reaction Injection Molding Parts Have Good PerformancesSource: Honkia   Published: 2016-06-21   Views: 3299

In RIM process, we can paint the mold cavity easily prior to injecting the polyurethane materials. During the molding process, the coating chemically bonds to the polyurethane thereby eliminates the possibility of the paint chipping and flaking-off.

Reaction Injection Molding can mold thin and thick walls easily in the same part because of the excellent flowability of the materials and the part shrinks a slight amount during the molding process, inserts, ribs and bosses can be molded in the part without sink marks.

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Insert molding and encapsulation of delicate components is much easier with Reaction Injection Molding because pressures and temperatures are low. RIM provides for reliable, structural 'one-piece' solutions wherever added functionality is needed or where sensitive equipment needs protection from the environment. Components to be encapsulated are fully or partially surrounded by the molded part which provides for the structural and cosmetic properties of the finished unit. Reinforcements or attachment hardware, electronic components, magnets, batteries or antennas can be molded right into the RIM part.This can reduce your assembly costs, make assemblies tamper-proof or solve sealing problems for you.

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Reaction Injection Molding parts are durable, chemically resistant, wear resistant, low weight and have high insulation values, and they can be rigid and solid like an injection molded ABS or they can be a structural foam or elastomeric like rubber.