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Requirements of Reaction Injection Molding EquipmentSource: Honkia   Published: 2016-09-27   Views: 2618

The working process of reaction injection molding equipment includes controlling the proportion of feeding, mixing two components and injection molding. There are two common methods of feeding: one is to use metering pump to meter the reactants and the other is to use piston to measure the reactants. Both methods take advantage of high pressure to force the two liquid components into a small mixing head through the nozzle. Because of high speed, the two components can be fully mixed by strong impact.

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Requirements of reaction injection molding equipment:
1. Reaction injection molding equipment should accurately control the flow and ratio of raw materials.
2. Reaction injection molding equipment can clean automatically after raw materials injected into the mold.
3. Two components should be injected into the mixing head at the same time.
4. Material should be injected into the mold at laminar form.
5. Two componets can be cured speedy and rapidly for cycle molding.