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The Development of CNC Machining Technology in ChinaSource: Honkia   Published: 2017-01-16   Views: 2960

Since the economy reform and opening up at the early 1980’s in mainland China, the great advantage of abundant and cheap labor force has rapidly made China to be the manufacturing factory of the world, and meanwhile various manufacturing technologies and processes are widely applied and fast developed, including one of the most important manufacturing process: CNC Machining.

CNC (Computerized Numerical Control) Machining technology is a key symbol indicating the industrial manufacturing level of a country, the core for this technology is the Numerical Control (NC) System. China’s CNC Machining technology originates from the early 1980’s, at that time all NC systems for domestic CNC machinery are imported as well as some vital parts and components, thus those CNC machinery is mainly used for manufacturing the simple industrial products, such as manufacturing the tooling, metal and plastic parts, and not capable of producing the high-end products.

CNC milling China.jpg

With fast economic growth in China, also the increasing attention and strategic investment from government for CNC Machining technology over the past decade, China successfully and independently develops its own NC systems, including the international sophisticated technology of 5 axis linkage NC system, also can produce the core parts and components that are normally imported in the past, the machining accuracy is up to 0.002 mm. Therefore the Chinese CNC Machining technology achieves rapid advancement and big development for the past 10 years, some sophisticated CNC machines made in China are used for manufacturing the high-end products including the military and aerospace parts, moreover, some exported to the European countries.

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However compared to the high sophisticated CNC machining technologies of Japan, Germany, America and Switzerland, there is still a long way for Chinese CNC Machining technology to go, various technologies including NC System, CAD/CAM and Material Technology still need the further development and optimization. Up to now, most of the Chinese CNC machinery is mainly used for manufacturing the cheap low-end products as its sophisticated 5 axis CNC machining technology needs some more time to be widely applied and promoted well for its weak international competitiveness. How to transfer Made in China from Manufacturing Kingdom to Manufacturing Power, it still needs to take lots of time and efforts.

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