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What Can Reaction Injection Molding be Used for?Source: Honkia   Published: 2016-06-25   Views: 1615

Reaction injection molding is a economical process used for rapid custom manufacturing. After mixing two-component urethane materials, then injecting them into the mould at normal temperature, low pressure environment. Through chemical and physical process, the product will form. The molding temperature is low, and the injection pressure is small, less energy will consume. Easy and simple process make it more economical and effective. Reaction injection molding has a higher degree of automation and short production cycle, which is the main reason RIM can choose to use low cost materials.

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With high strength, high elongation characteristics, as well as strong weather resistance, RIM can increase the mechanical properties and impact resistance properties of the product by adding filler and glass fiber. Reaction injection molding can be used for low volume production, simple structural panels, medical equipment housing, electronics enclosure. They can have sufficient strength and abrasion resistance, and excellent oil resistance, waterproof resistance. RIM can also be used for manufacturing home appliances, sanitary ware and other polyurethane products. In addition, good insulation, low water absorption, strong adhesion to metal make it ideal for electronic products.

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