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What is the Efficiency of Reaction Injection Molding?Source: Honkia   Published: 2016-12-08   Views: 2881

The injection molding process produces thermoplastic resin parts by forcing molten plastic into a design mold. Used in industrial and commercial applications, reaction injection molding makes it efficiently to make it function the best. Selecting a specific molding process can greatly influence the quality and efficiency of a project. Injection molding typically produces components that require little or no additional work. The RIM can yield properties distinct from the base materials and it can also fabricate large parts with complex shapes. It is well-suited for applications that require bulky components and machinery design can influence the decision to employ this technique.

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Reaction injection molding(RIM) considered a type of liquid injection molding, it is a specialized subset of the injection molding technique that chemically bonds two or more plastics into a polymer before they are introduced into the mold. The molds used are typically made of steel, aluminum, epoxy, ABS snd silicone rubber, and are clamped in a low-weight press, resulting in rapid turnover and quick production cycles for mid-volume runs.

Injection molding is particularly effective in reduced-volume vehicle or appliance assembly though projects involving high numbers of small parts are better serviced by an alternative process. It enables parts consolidation that can help to streamline the fabrication process and reduce the need for secondary tooling.

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Being one of the respected reaction injection molding factories in China, we are happy to announce that we are offering the professional reaction injection molding service for all our clients at the economical price and good quality. Many automotive companies use reaction injection molding process from us to help in creating steering wheels, side panels, dashboard consoles, armrests, body frames and bumpers. We benefit from its relatively high turnover rate which makes it proficient in handling low-to-mid volume projects.