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What Part is Proper for Our Reaction Injection Molding (RIM) Process?Source: Honkia   Published: 2018-11-09   Views: 4500

Reaction Injection Molding (RIM) process attracts increasing attentions from public and is commonly used for various low volume manufacturing projects right now for its cheap production cost and fast turnaround, with continuously further development and improvement of this technology in the future, we believe in our RIM service will work more and better to help worldwide customers save the money and time for their rapid custom low volume manufacturing & prototyping needs.

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As a RIM expert in China, we often received some RFQ for low volume manufacturing by our RIM process that is not proper for the projects inquired since some customers are not quite familiar with this relatively emerging technology, especially in China. Except for quantity limit for our RIM process (the previous news mentioned), the other limits are the part size and geometry which means not all the parts are suitable for low volume manufacturing by our RIM technology even though without the quantity limit.

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The core advantage for our RIM technology is its considerably low tooling fabrication cost and short making time, the disadvantage is the expensive material price and part surface finishing cost, this decides the RIM process has limits of not only the production quantity and also the parts size and geometry. Normally more bigger the size and complex the geometry, more competitive the RIM tooling price, then more proper for our RIM process with available manufacturing quantity. For the small-size and simple-geometry parts, they are not proper for our RIM technology  as those parts can not deliver the core advantage of RIM tooling cost no matter how the manufacturing quantities favor this process.

For low volume manufacturing the small plastic parts, usually silicone rubber mold and vacuum casting is the ideal option instead of the reaction injection molding process which favors the big size and complex geometry that could bring the great advantage of RIM tooling cost. We look forward to do more and better for worldwide customers to save their money and time by our continuously improving RIM technology specializing in low volume manufacturing and/or prototyping the big and complex plastic parts.