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Your Ideal Choice of Reaction Injection Molding Factory in ChinaSource: Honkia   Published: 2016-12-23   Views: 1910

Reaction injection molding is an important rapid manufacturing technology in industrial molding, which has a wide application in the many fields, especially in automotive and medical devices. Reaction injection molding refers to a process of chemical reaction of two or more than two bi-component polyrethane mixtures injected into the rapid tooling cavity under the room temperature and relatively much low force compared to plastic injection molding.

At Honkia, we have devoted ourself in the development and application of reaction injection molding process for many years in China, we not only have rich experience in practice, but also mature technology in years of exploration. Honkia has been recognized as a reliable reaction injection molding factory in China by many clients both home and abroad, and we are also confident that we will have a better prospect with all our efforts.

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Aluminum, ABS, Epoxy and Silicone Rubber are the reaction injection molding tooling materials normally used by Honkia, which tremendouslty reduced the tooling fabrication time and cost. The reaction injection molding process‍ has varying wall thickness on one part, so that it increases the efficiency of product design, it also has no sink mark on the thick wall occured for plastic injeciton molding. It can be molded over metal, plastic, glass, wood, wiring, circuit boards, hardware, etc. If you are looking for an economical solution for the low volume plastic parts with big size and complex geometry, reaction injection molding is an ideal choice as it has the lower cost per-part and fast turnaround for low volume production.

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At Honkia, we have completed lots of projects by RIM process economically and quickly for customers worldwide, most of them are from automotive and medical devices industries, such as the automotive bumpers, doors, panels and big outer cover parts. If you have any enquiry for our plastic injection molding service, please drop us a email or give us a call, we are ready to help and support.